US Life-Saving Service Grave Marker Usage

Heavy cast bronze markers are produced in an American foundry, using the best materials and techniques. Marker shown here with both Surfman and Keeper insignia attached. The two rectangular castings shown under the shield are made so they slide on the brass rod and are held firmly with a set screw.

Not all members of the USLSS became Keepers, and not all Keepers had been Surfmen. At the start, the service appointed seasoned mariners to the positions of Keeper, and they naturally were referred to as Captain. Later on, men who had worked their way up the ladder were selected from the ranks of Surfmen to become the Keeper. No matter what their title, they were in charge.

These markers are designed as other grave markers are, only they are of cast bronze, not plastic. In seaside communities where many of the Surfmen are buried, there is no better material than bronze for resisting the salt air. They are designed to hold a US flag with a 3/8" dowel, and that is what is furnished with each order for a grave marker. The rod is of brass, not steel, so they will last a long time.