Remembering those who faithfully served

A Wonderful Way to Commemorate Our Service Personnel

Of course you've seen them. Bronze grave markers in cemeteries, standing tall through all kinds of weather. They tell stories of their own. They hold flags for special occasions. They help identify heroes of the past and provoke memories.

There are markers for members of all the US Armed Services, for war veterans from the War of 1776 up to todays conflicts.  For firemen, policemen, Merchant Marines, FBI members, DAV and American Legion folks. There are markers for Grange, Elks, Moose, and Masons.

Up until recently, though, there were no markers for Keepers of the Lighthouse Service, the crews of the Revenue Cutter Service ships, and the Surfmen and Keepers of US Life Saving Service. With the help of people with a sense of history, that will change.

"So Well Made"

"Thanks to our Empire Museum and the folks who donated money to purchase these wonderful bronze markers.  These are beautiful and I haven't seen anything so well made for a long time!"

- Claude Fields